Ira Jakša

Living by the sea, and with the sea. Sea kayak as a great passion, hobby, business and above all a way of life. Tightly attached to a little sports base in the heart of Kornati. Participating in various ecological activities. Due to the love of the sea, after all rowed miles and the view from the perspective from the sea kayak, the idea of more organized activities in the field of marine protection is derived

Lovro Skračić

Connected with the Sea and the Kornati since my childhood. The connection with traditional ships and sailing. Participation in activities for the conservation of nature and traditional heritage. Trying to live with nature through traditional farming in the Kornati with adding new values like the production of essential oils and teas.

Jana Apih

Working in the field of sustainable tourism through the NGO Institute ˝Goodplace˝, Jana is constantly seeking for new solutions how to manage tourism destinations in more sustainable way. Seaside destinations have an even bigger responsibility towards the environmental protection of our natural resources. That is why NoMorePlastics focuses also on education of tourism providers.