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Goal: Clean up of islands Zornik, Suščica and Borovnik in NP Kornati

August 2020

Our second traditional event Kornati full of plastics took place between 13.8.2020 and 16.8.2020. This time we chose the small islands in Kornati archipelago that are almost impossible reach by boat due to their rocky shoreline. It was clearly visible that no one cleaned these islands for years.

We collected 31 bags of marine debris in harsh terrain in four small clean ups, all together 68 kg of plastic waste. Besides regular huge amount of lids, lighteners and other typical plastic waste we were also dealing with high volumes of EPS waste (expandable polystyrene).

EPS products are characterised by short useful service life and if not properly recycled the influence to environment is enormous. EPS does not biodegrade and consumption of it by wildlife can be fatal.

We like to give second chances to plastic and this year again our workshop Second life of plastic waste was inspiring. Working together with Smetumet was pure fun and again many pieces of great plastic art are waiting to be exhibited.