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Goal: Monitoring of the sea and shore along outer islands from Istria to Kornati.

July/August 2019

We started with NoMorePlastics paddling tour in NP Brijuni at the beginning of July heading south, direction NP Kornati. Paddling along the outers islands of Croatian coast we were mostly orientated to check and reveal the amount of plastic pollution on remote and unpopulated areas of the islands. 
With sea kayak we easily access the areas not so easy to reach in general. After thirty days on the sea and after twenty islands, many of them we circumnavigate the situation was alarming. Plastic lids, bottles, toothbrushes, lighteners, parts of fishing gear and equipment, shoes and many other things including big amount of micro plastics become a sadly reminder of the proportions of plastic pollution we need to deal with.
Monitoring is the important part of any action of our NGO. On NoMorePlastic paddling tour we sorted plastic waste according to its typology, origin, sometimes weight, we took a photos and we describe it.
Based on collected datas we are able to compare different variables of marine debris and manage to plan actions according to that.